Thank you so much for your work and expertise on our new filtration system. You "rock"
The water has cleared up and looks great! The fish are back and doing good.

Thanks Norm,

I had two Koi sick and got put in touch with Norm. He was very informative
and helpful over the phone and I asked if he could come out to the pond and
inspect the situation himself. He did so and figured out the best course of
action which was successful. I also talked to him about the high energy cost
due to the filter pump I was using and after a quick analysis of the set up
he recommended a lower horse power and different type of pump. I asked him
to install it which he did and the next month my PG&E was cut in half. In 3
months the cost of the job will be paid back with the lower PG&E cost.

Very truly yours,

Mike Larbre

Norm is one of the most passionate Koi People I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am sure you will enjoy your visit to his site.



"In 2009, we built a water feature that incorporated two long waterfall spillways through natural boulders into a large outdoor pond for Koi. We worked closely with Norm Walsh of Bridge Way Koi to find design elements consistent with the overall look of our home and our landscape. Norm was very creative at finding solutions to construction challenges and great at listening to our needs during the construction process. The final look of the water feature and pond is nothing short of outstanding. The pond equipment is quiet, efficient and invisible to guests. Norm helped select koi for the pond and continues to provide ongoing maintenance of the water feature and pond. We highly recommend Norm and Bridge Way Koi for both the construction and maintenance of anyone's water feature or pond."

Ron and Aimee Cooper
La Casita
(707) 838-4436